Unique decoration system made by our team of engineers, is the object of international patent protection. PVC surface decoration in RW technology eliminate veneering profiles necessity and ensures durability for years.

Real Wood windows do not require expensive maintenance unlike wooden windows. 

The only one in the world

you won’t believe these are pvc windows

Innovative idea

Wooden products, during operation in the facilities, are vulnerable to many threats from destructive effect of moisture on the hygroscopic wood construction. From here the idea was born of decorating the surface of PVC profiles, to provide them with the aesthetics of fine wood and eliminate the effects and inconvenience caused by the use of wood.

Innovative technology

Decorated PVC profiles using Real Wood technology, unlike wood does not require care for protection against the weather. Any coating repairs are also possible in the facility where windows are already mounted.

Innovative design

Developed by a team of PW VIKKING engineers proprietary technology is the subject of international patent protection. The attractiveness of the acquired visual effects provoked us also to patent an international industrial design.