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Decorative glass for furniture

Decorative glass has many uses. One of them is the use of glass in utility furniture.

We do:

  • kitchen and bathroom fronts made of glass
  • glass countertops and casing
  • built-in cabinets
  • glass in furniture
  • glass images.

Many glass processing technologies can be used for this purpose. These can be traditional stained glass or modern printed glass.All glass components are made to the individual order of the customer, according to his design or our proposal.This is a modern and aesthetic solution for kitchen, office, bathroom and other furniture. Glass fronts look more aesthetically than lacquered and foiled and above all are more durable, more resistant to scratches and splashes. No dust is deposited on the glass fronts and no pores accumulate.

Sample models of glass fronts

  • resin technology
  • bewels
  • engraving

  • wzór 001Fwzór 001F
  • wzór 002Fwzór 002F
  • wzór 003Fwzór 003F
  • wzór 004Fwzór 004F
  • wzór 005Fwzór 005F
  • wzór 006Fwzór 006F
  • wzór 007Fwzór 007F
  • wzór 008Fwzór 008F
  • wzór 009Fwzór 009F
  • wzór 010Fwzór 010F



Sample models of cabinets and sites fronts:
-resin technology