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EU funds - Activity 1.3 Subactivity 1.3.1


P.W. „VIKKING KTS” Sp. z o. o. realizes the project titled „Implementation of innovative passive windows in RealWood technology at P.W. Vikking KTS.”  Under activity 1.3 subactivity 1.3.1 Implementation of innovation by SMEs Operational Program Eastern Poland 2014-2020 co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.



Project goals:

The aim of the project is to implement innovative technology in the production of innovative Real Wood windows (RW) produced from passive PVC profiles imitating wood grain in the 3D structure.

Planned efects:

As a result of the project, the company will create a unique solution in the world, which will enable it to gain competitive advantage in the market, which will result in gaining a wide audience.

Project value:   6 366 416.95 zł

Contribution of EU funds:   3 472 280.00 zł


EU funds - Activity 1.4


Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Program
Priority Axis I
Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland
Measures 1.4 Formula for competition I Stage



Project title:

Audit and design strategy in support of innovative development of P.W. „Vikking KTS sp. z o.o.”

Project goals:

The aim of the project is to strengthen the competitiveness of the company "VIKKING KTS" sp z o.o. By enhancing its potential for skilful design management and increasing the use of design in the company's operations. 

Expectded project results:

Enhance company's ability to manage design, increase design use in your business, and increase sales of your products. The applicant plans to implement post-audit activities in accordance with the recommendations of the design strategy.

Project value: 97 170,00 PLN

Contribution EFRR: 67 150,00 PLN